Club of Piedmont Missouri


Piedmont Rotarians leverage their resources with donations from area business and individuals to serve community needs. Donated items and services are auctioned over radio (KPWB 104.9 FM) during a four night Rotary Auction event held in October.

When items are introduced for auction, the donor business receives free public advertisement from a script written by Rotarians, working with business management, to convey the message management wants the public to hear. Donated items can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

The public can call-in bids on items of interest and winning bidders are announced after a reasonable length of time as determined by the auctioneers. Bidding on some unique items may remain open for several nights to encourage bidders.

Virtually all proceeds raised from this single event return to the community within the following year.

During the Rotary Auction Event, donated items can be viewed here.

Call 573-223-4218 or 573-223-4518 to place bids during the hours of 6 to 9 pm during the auction. Bids can only be placed when items are announced.

Radio broadcast time is generously provided by the Dockins Radio/TV Group.

Listen to radio Broadcast